Cross Diamond Herd Sires

These Cross Diamond Cattle Company herd sires have been carefully selected for low maintenance requirements, structural integrity and easy-fleshing ability. We believe that these basics are essential to our herd and to the herds of commercial cattlemen that we are privileged to serve. All herd sires have been tested OS free.

Semen List - 2017 Semen List

Belle 8029 Reg. #305668
POKE NebP707 1064. A stout, solid P707 son. We like the carcass, maternal, fertility and low maintenance of this bull and his offspring. Semen available.
Belle 8029 Reg. #305668
Crs Diamnd Alliance 2106. Moderate frame, stout muscling and a sound structure. Semen available.
Belle 8029 Reg. #305668
Beckton Nebula U311. Moderate frame, structural soundness and easy calvability. Semen available.
Robin 4135 Reg. # 474097
Peerless 9017—Purchased by Silver Spur Ranch and Jeffries Land & Cattle in the 2010 sale, Peerless is, well… peerless. He’s a phenotypic gem—sound, deep and well-muscled. Genetically, Peerless 9017 combines the maternal and conversion mastery of Rambo 502 with the carcass and calving ease of B571. He’s the genetic link to build an easy-keeping, good-uddered cowherd with longevity and carcass superiority. Semen available.
Belle 8029 Reg. #305668
Medallion—A moderate frame and easy-keeping genetics make Medallion a sure winner. His daughters are herd-builders, with great udders, sound structure and a brood cow look. Semen available.
Robin 771 Reg. # 592028
Basin trend Stter 71S6: Basin Trend Setter 71S6: We appreciate the gentle disposition, carcass excellence and the fleshing ability of “Stevie” and his offspring. Sire of Crs Diamond Compass 4044
Robin 715 Reg. # 591986 The tried and true Sandman X Rambo combination, with the added maternal bonus of Dynamo 116 in the mix. We appreciate the moderation of frame, clean fronts, structural integrity and soundness of this bull. Owned with Right ON Cattle Co. Semen available.
Robin 721 Reg. #592021
Tradition 795-6707: An outcross black, red gene carrier, Tradition has been an excellent addition to the program. We like the moderate frame, structural correctness and easy calving characteristics we’ve seen. Semen available.
Discover 7086 Reg. #599589
Julian Twice 6621: An easy-calving, high reproductive, low maintenance bull. He’s great on carcass, too. We like the moderate frame and herd building traits from his progeny. Owned with Right ON Cattle Co. Semen available.




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