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About Cross Diamond Cattle

About Cross Diamond Cattle

Our Mission: Developing cattle, crops and relationships through studied stewardship and faith in Christ.

Welcome to Cross Diamond Cattle Company, Scott and Kim Ford of Bertrand, Nebraska. We are a Red Angus seedstock operation located in south central Nebraska. We’re dedicated to raising top-quality Red Angus genetics, along with unsurpassed customer service to cattlemen and women throughout the nation. Our goal is to serve the commercial cattle industry through by providing Red Angus genetics, and to help the men and women in the industry through dedicated customer service-after-the-sale.

Our breeding program is based on sound, efficient, fertile and docile cattle. Our first priority is fertility, as without a live calf year after year, no one can make it in the cattle business. Our calving season begins in late March in the commercial herd, and early April on the registered herd. All cows are exposed for a 50-day period, and yearling heifers are exposed for a 30-day period in order to keep a tight calving season, and breed fertility into the herd year after year. Our next priority is structural soundness. We closely cull on feet and leg structure, along with udder structure. Every cow is scored on her udder at calving time and culled accordingly. The same goes for foot and leg structure– if an animal is not sound, they are culled. Disposition is another trait that is very important to us. We are committed to handling cattle with respect and we expect that in return. It’s important to us to handle the cattle in a variety of ways—on foot, horseback and on the four-wheeler– so that they are accustomed to a variety of handling methods. Our mature cows average about 1250 lbs. with a body condition score of five at pregnancy checking time. We are pleased with this moderate mature size of our cow herd. This fits our management program and those of a majority of our commercial customers.

Our production sale is held on the second Monday of December. At that time we market around 250 head of age-advantaged bulls, along with 200-300 commercial Red Angus bred heifers, 30-40 commercial Red Angus heifer calves, and 10-15 registered Red Angus heifer calves. This stout offering is made up of our own genetics, plus a top-flight group of guest consignors. We offer free nationwide delivery and a first breeding season guarantee.

Underlying all that we do at Cross Diamond Cattle Company is our firm foundation in our faith, and our knowledge that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior.

Cross Diamond Cattle Company

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