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Herd Sires

Herd Sires

These fellas are a powerful, herd-moving asset.  Our herd bulls are foragers, just as the cowherd.  They are culled on fleshing ability, structural soundness, disposition and breeding soundness. The herd bulls are shown here in mid-October trailing to their winter pasture/cornstalks.

Of course, we all know that keeping bulls around isn’t without it’s challenges as they establish pecking order and “act like bulls.”  We’ve had some fun with this photo.  Our two favorite captions are,

1) There’s one in every group of bulls, or 2)You’re not you when you’re hungry.

Poke Colt45 7224 6164  (Reg. #3562179)
 Sire:  TR Colt 45 UT806
MGS:  LCC Major League A502M

 Here’s another stand-out in our heifer breeding program.  He’s moderate-framed and easy-calving, with structural integrity that’s second-to-none.

Axtell Emperor 6156 (Reg. #3574443)  
Sire:  Beckton Emperor X342 J3
MGS:  Axtell Gunslinger 801

 A moderated-framed bull, who we have used in our heifer breeding program.  We appreciated his calving ease, along with fleshing ability, structure and soundness. 

Crs Diamnd Foundation 6055 (Reg. #3560956
Sire:  SR Foundation
MGS:  Basin Trend Setter 71S6

Here’s a high-growth Foundation son from a Trend Setter 71S6 daughter.  His foot and leg structure are top-notch, along with his depth and dimension.

Crs Diamnd Foundation 5143  (Reg. #3514320
Sire:  SR Foundation
MGS:  Buf Crk Medallion N328 

Power and depth, combined with the maternal greatness of his dam, Crs Diamnd Laurel 054 make 5143 an all-around herd sire.

Crs Diamnd Homegrown 4115 (Reg# 1722810)
Sire: Crs Diamnd Twix 1152
MGS: Beckton Epic R522K

4115 sits atop the leader board for HerdBuilder with a top 1% in the breed at 230.  We like his depth, soundness and overall structure– in addition to the overall fertility and calving ease of his genomic make-up.

Crs Diamnd Twix 1152 (Reg# 1495456)
Sire: 7U Julian Twice 6621
MGS:  Buf Crk Medallion N328

 Outstanding length, style and structural soundness were the hallmarks of this bull.  He passed his herd-building characteristics on to his son, Homegrown 4115.

Crs Diamnd Rebourne 769 (Reg. #3798548)
Sire:  5L Bourne 117-48A
MGS:  Dunlouise Red Native F207

 It’s easy to appreciate the disposition, fleshing ability and calving ease of Rebourne 769. 

Crs Diamnd Sovereign 550 (Reg. #3514410)
Sire: Crump Sovereign 3190
MGS: LSF RR Drover 0308X

 550 has been used extensively in our heifer breeding program.  He’s an easy-calving sire, with a CED in the top 1% of the breed; added to that, his fleshing ability and eye-appeal make him easy to have around.

Crs Diamnd Landslide 514  (Reg. #3514614)
Sire: Poke NebP707 9116 1064
MGS:  Crs Diamnd Luster 065

 514 is a powerful and moderate-framed bull, with great length and thickness.  He is in the top 2% of the breed for HerdBuilder and the top 1% for stayability.

POKE NEBP707 9116 1064 (Reg. #1447375)
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Sire:  Beckton Nebula P P707
MGS:  5L Quarterback 1205-5337

1064 has had a powerful influence on our herd and on commercial and registered herds far and wide.  He has been the go-to AI sire for our commercial sale heifers for several years.  Calving ease, carcass quality, fleshing ability, low maintenance and structural integrity are a short list of the qualities that 1064 has passed on.  His daughters are out-standing cows with beautiful udders and strong production.

Crs Diamnd Granite 3273 (Reg. #1664429) 

Sire:  5L Hard Rock 2188-09X
MGS: Beckton Epic R522K

Granite is a powerful herd sire, with muscle and growth from end to end.  He carries excellent growth on a moderate frame, with easy-fleshing ability and low maintenance energy requirements.  His daughters are great assets in the herd– well-structured, with a brood-cow design and clockwork fertility.

Crs Diamnd Paydirt 684 (Reg. #3561004)
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Sire:  ARO Paydirt 427
MGS:  5L Hard Rock 2188-09X

Power, thickness and eye-appeal… all backed by an out-standing mother cow.  You’ll like 684’s moderate frame, disposition and overall style.  Progeny of 684 are performing well for us, as well as for our partners in Illinois, Adolph Red Angus.

Crs Diamnd Landslide 307 (Reg. #1664597)
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            Sire: POKE NEBP707 9116 1064
MGS:  5L Tradition 795-6707

High calving ease, low maintenance and moderate frame are traits that 307 brings.  He packs a lot of muscle on a moderate frame, and his calves take off and grow with ease and style.

Crs Diamnd Compass 4044 (Reg. #1722790)
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            Sire:  Basin Trend Setter 71S6
MGS:  Beckton Epic R522 K

4044 brings the moderation and low maintenance of the Epic R522 line together with the maternal, milk and growth of the Trend Setter line.  This makes for a solid combination of powerful maternal and growth.  We have several daughters in production, who are already making a statement with their fertility and production.

SR Colt’s Mission D432  (Reg. #3581271)
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            Sire:  TR Colt 45 UT806
MGS:  LJC Mission Statement P27

Raised by Solid Rock Red Angus, D432 brings a lot of growth and depth to the table, along with structural soundness from a dam with longevity and performance.

Crs Diamnd Synergy 3021 (Reg. #1664740)
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Sire:  Brown Synergy X7838
 MGS:  Beckton HalfmannHustler R588

High calving ease and herd-building traits from this bull who hails from an impeccable maternal line.  His dam and granddam were picture perfect cows with beautiful structure and flawless udders, along with strong fertility that kept them in the herd.

Crs Diamnd Synergy 394 (Reg. #1664765)
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Sire:  Brown Synergy X7838
MGS:  Panhandle Sandman 4255

Top flight calving ease from this bull!  His CED and BW are both in the top 1% of the breed.  His progeny are good performers with excellent disposition.

Buf Crk Medallion N328 (Reg. #922352)
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Sire:  Buf Crk Gold Medal L091
MGS:  Buf Crk Barney 3474

An oldie, but a goodie… we still have several Medallion daughters in the herd, going strong at 10, 11, 12 and 13 years of age.  This speaks to Medallion’s strength of maternal characteristics– structural soundness, fertility, fleshing ability… and longevity, of course.

Crs Diamnd Alliance 2106 (Reg. # 1577460)
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            Sire:  Sodak Alliance U401
MGS:  N Bar Emulation EXT

Power, thickness and structural soundness can be seen right away in this moderate-framed herd sire.  His out-cross pedigree brings the consistent maternal greatness that we’re after:  sound udders, fertility and foraging ability.

Crs Diamnd Terrace 1007 (Reg. #1495604)
Semen available!

Sire:  5L Terrace 695-5367
MGS:  Panhandle Sandman 4255

1007 is a moderate-framed, boldly muscled bull.  He stamps his calves with a “look” of fleshing ability, sound structure and fluid movement. 

Beckton Epic R522 K (Reg. #1042260)
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Sire:  Beckton Epic K F075
MGS:  Beckton Dominor 9455

Some tried and true genetics here.  Epic sires sound-footed, moderate-framed, easy-keeping progeny, with muscle to burn.  He is in the top 1% for HerdBuilder, which reflects his stayability, low maintenance and good calving ease.

Beckton Nebula U311 G  (Reg. #1258785)
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Sire:  Beckton Nebula G S237
MGS:  Beckton Dominor ZC M919

U311 has quietly made a mark in our herd.  He has over 20 daughters active and producing at the top of their games.  This is the mark of a great sire… to leave a legacy of females in the herd.  Look here for structural integrity, fertility and longevity.

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